Friday, December 3, 2010

The First Christmas Card of the Season . . .

. . . came courtesy our garbage collector.

I am a bit of a grump when it comes to Christmas. I get very steamed when the decorations, Christmas music and stupid Santa hats on "sales associates" come out before December 1st. (Especially so when they appear November 1.) I even refuse to buy Mandarin oranges until December 1. Yes, I may be depriving my children of Vitamin C but SOMETHING has to still be special. (Shall I digress now with "When I was a kid we got one wooden crate (okay, maybe two) of oranges a year! And those oranges were so precious my mom marched back to the store with any ones that were rotten, demanding good ones in exchange.)

But, now that it is December 3rd, I am a kinder, gentler me. I do love Christmas music and although I haven't played any yet, the CDs are out of the attic. And we have one poinsettia and I am thinking I'd better get on those gifts I didn't quite finish making for last Christmas. (Sorry, Mom. One sock is almost done.) The girls are keen to make cookies and it is the Catholic church bazaar this weekend. There's even frost on the ground.

So, thanks Brady. I really do appreciate the card. It's beginning to feel a little bit like Christmas.

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