Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Different View

Visitors to Tofino and area love the long walks on our sweeping beaches. We love it too, of course, but a bit of variety is always welcome. We are finally getting a new trail in Tofino. The Lighthouse Trail is currently under construction and, when complete, will take you from Tofino (near Tonquin Beach) to Middle Beach. This trail will provide a forest walk and also a trail along the more rugged, rocky shoreline that are also common here. (The shoreline goes something like this: beach, rocky headland, beach, longer rocky headland, beach, cliff.... You get the picture.)

Ucluelet twigged to the idea of a shoreline trail years ago and now they have a local gem: The Wild Pacific Trail. Short of hiking the West Coast Trail, this is going to be your best place to get a look at the stunning, rocky wildness of the west coast. I had some time to kill in Ucluelet yesterday, so took the opportunity to hike most of the trail. What a fabulous way to spend a few hours. I love the several "Artists' Loops" that are being added to the trail. These little side loops have great vistas with small platforms, large enough for an easel and a small stool. Great idea!

This are remnants from the old raised plank road that once ran near the current road to the Coast Guard Station. That section of the trail has some great interpretive signs that explain some of the historys.

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