Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Are You Ready for a Tsunami, Tofino?

Three hundred and eleven years ago today, the largest earthquake in Canada's history happened off the west coast. In fact this was one of the largest recorded earthquakes in the world. This is recorded in the oral history of the Huu-ay-aht people, whose village at Pachena Bay was destroyed during the event. There are also written records of the event from Japan and geological records in the sediments of the coastal shoreline on the west coast.

So, it has happened. Earthquakes happen all the time. Just check this out.

Each year, seismologists with the Geological Survey of Canada record and locate more than 1000 earthquakes in western Canada. The Pacific Coast is the most earthquake-prone region of Canada. In the offshore region to the west of Vancouver Island, more than 100 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or greater (large enough to cause damage had they been closer to land) have occurred during the past 70 years.

So are you ready? What would you do if the earth started to move? Where would you go? How would you get in touch with the rest of your family? Today is The Great British Columbia Shake Out. If you haven't got a plan, this might be the day to make one.

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