Friday, February 18, 2011

Lisa Riehl Paints the West Coast

Beach Solitude

I've been sitting on this post for quite awhile now. I thought you might like to see the way that the artist, Lisa Riehl interprets our neck of the woods. (Thanks for your patience, Lisa!) Here is a bit about Lisa, from her website:

Lisa Riehl was raised in BC and has been seriously painting since 2004, when a move to Sooke to a house with a studio in the backyard gave her the space she needed. Inspired by the dramatic landscapes around her, she has translated her passion for hiking, surfing and her love of nature to canvas. Over the years Lisa has perfected her craft, capturing in bold colours her vision of the heart and soul of the West Coast. This is evident in her interpretations of the beaches of Tofino & Sooke, the forests of the West Coast and the mountains of Whistler. The amazing landscapes she portrays will bring you closer to the wild West Coast.

First Peak

Hidden View

Morning Light

Revisiting a Dream

Sunrise at Low Tide

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