Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tofino Photographer - Sander Jain

I've been wanting to mention and link to the stunning photographs by Tofino-based photographer, Sander Jain. He was kind enough to send a few to post here.

Here is an excerpt from his artist's statement, but the longer statement is worth a read.

Photography enables me to bring moments in which I see a potential to perfection by unhinging them from the real, coherent world context and presenting these extracts out of their context as keys to more intense, more perfect, complying and self-determined realities. I love pictures that answer or express my claim to reality and have some deepness and mystical elements in them. If everything in a picture were revealed, if everything were light and if there were no dark or undefined parts in them, the magic would be gone and the viewer had nothing to do. The best pictures are those that leave room for our imagination, our notions, fears, wishes, hopes, expectations and longings and make us curious.

Sander's work is wide-ranging and includes nature, surfing, portraits, urban landscapes and more. His website is definitely worth spending time on.

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