Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Lady (Rose) Comes to Tofino

The Lady Rose is on her way to Tofino. She is currently docked in Ucluelet Harbour and I have a spy ready to alert me when she finally pulls away and begins the last leg of the journey to Tofino and the dock at Jamie's Whaling Station. I was out in the garden on the weekend, digging up my strawberry bed when I heard an unfamiliar whistle. I thought it might be she and zipped down to the harbour, but to no avail. I would love to get some pictures as she pulls around Felice Island.

Until I get that photo, you can have a look at these (click on the link for Tofino) for now. Some wonderful photos of the Brewster cannery that was once at "KenFalls," as well as some fishing boats and one of the Princess Maquinna in Tofino.

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