Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pretty West Coast Postcards

Postcards of the west coast are hard to find. Well, I should rephrase that. Old (and infinitely more interesting to me) postcards of the west coast are hard to find. So you can imagine the thrill I had last week when I came across an old below-street-level shop in Seattle that sold postcards and other paper ephemera. I only had an hour, but came up with a few gems. (Sadly, nothing of Tofino although I know they're out there!) I'll post a few over the next few weeks. This is the cover of a great "souvenir folder" of west coast images. (Note how much it cost to mail. One cent.)

The photos in this folder were taken by photographer Leonard Frank, who lived in Port Alberni for awhile. I have a fabulous photo he took of Long Beach, but I am going to save that until Spring 2012, when a book I've been working on for too long finally comes out.

Here is another one of George Fraser's garden in Ucluelet.


  1. Adrienne -- that is a fantastic find!! As treasured as a glass ball I would think. Do you think the cover shot is Ucluelet/Amphitrite?

  2. Hi Sylvia,
    The cover card is of Friendly Cove. I could have spent a couple more hours in that shop. I'm such a nerd.