Sunday, April 17, 2011

Earth Week in Tofino!

I had a whack of photos to post, but they seem to have disappeared from my camera. While I search, remember that today is the second day of Earth Week in Tofino. And it's looking like a beautiful day to get out there and "be with the Earth" however you choose. You can start at the 8th annual pancake breakfast at the Village Green. It runs from 9 until 12. And then this afternoon there is a paddle over to Morpheus Island, the site of our original cemetery. This is a real treat — it's a beautiful day, it looks as if the water will be calm, and Morpheus Island is a gem few people get to visit. Call Tofino Sea Kayaking if you're keen.

I rode my bike on the MUP yesterday. Thanks to everyone who was out there cleaning!

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