Friday, May 13, 2011

Interested in Arts, Culture and Heritage?

...then a new committee of the District of Tofino would like to hear from you. People love to bitch and complain about was does (or doesn't) happen in this town, so here's a chance to try to be on the "trying to make a difference" side instead of the it's "easy to bitch (especially anonymously)" side. Here's the scoop.

The District of Tofino is calling for interested members of the public to serve on the newly created Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee. This committee will research and make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to art, cultural and heritage initiatives within the District. If interested, please email Sally Mole, Director of Parks and Recreation at stating your area(s) of interest and any related background information.

The Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee is a Select Committee of Council.

The Committee will act in an Advisory role and will make recommendations to Council on matters pertaining to Art, Cultural and Heritage initiatives within the District.

Scope of the Committee's Work

The Committee will research and make recommendations on developing a Master Plan for the Sustainability of Arts, Culture and Heritage for the District of Tofino. The Committee will develop and recommend to Council a policy on Public Art.

The Committee will review existing Arts Grant policy and will recommend to Council a framework for the adjudication of Arts, Culture and Heritage Grants.

The Committee will seek to inform the Downtown Vitalization Committee of its findings as they pertain to that committee's work.

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