Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Weekend Island(s) Getaway

One of my favourite places to relax is just a 30 minute boat ride away.

We did a lot of this.

But we hiked across to Ahous Bay, read lots, played Yahtzee and ate some wonderful meals too. (Wine-o-clock seemed to arrive a bit early on the island, but so did bed time and the time we rose.) We also putzed around, exploring the inn, trolling the beach, snooping through the amazing workshop.

And then, as a bonus, we also went to Stubbs Island for the annual open house. Stubbs Island was the location of Clayoquot, the first non-native community here (it was formed long before Tofino). Today it is privately owned and there is an open house on the May long weekend. This continues the historic tradition of "Clayoquot Days," where people from around the sound would gather at Clayoquot for food, games and celebration. Here is a remembrance from Ian MacLeod (from Settling Clayoquot by Bob Bossin):

"[Clayoquot] was sure a great place to go for sports. On the 24th of May, that was the place for your competition. I was good at the running broad jump. When I was 17 I could make 21 feet, but Isaac Charlie, ... , he could make over 24 feet, 25 maybe. According to Major Nicholson and the judges in those days, he broke the world record, but it was unofficial.

You had some of the toughest competition in the world. There would be twelve or fourteen hundred people from Tofino, Ucluelet, the reduction plants, the sawmills, the hatcheries, the mines, from Hot Spring Cove, Ahousat, Nootka. There would be dozens and dozens of fishboats. The first day you had feats of strength, running and jumping and then on the second day it would be water sports, boat races, the greased pole. The big event was tug-of-war, with the biggest men in the area for anchor men. Arnie Lista, he was the anchorman for awhile. He could lift a 400 pound anchor up to his waist. People would stand back and sing for each side, Indian songs, Norwegian Viking songs. I heard my dad singing a Gaelic song one time. He was the anchorman and he was singing a Gaelic song to the Norwegians."

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  1. That is a great island getaway for summer. I love the place from first sight.