Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Governor-General Comes to Call

As this article mentions, Canada's Governor General, David Johnston, is coming to Clayoquot Sound.

It's not the first time a Governor General has paid a visit though. The earliest was when Lord and Lady Willingdon travelled the coast on the Princess Norah in the late 1920s. There are some wonderful photos of that visit, which I unfortunately don't have the rights to post. But I found a few online, here, and here. The second one is one of my favourite photos of Tofino. The Girl Guides were all dolled up and waiting on the dock for Lord and Lady Willingdon. I believe this also might be from the same visit.

Here is what Walter Guppy wrote about the visit in his book, Clayoquot Soundings:

"The arrival of the Princess Norah in Tofino on its inaugural trip with Lord and Lady Willingdon, the Governor-General of Canada and his wife among the distinguished passengers, was a gala event with nearly all the people from the surrounding area gathered on Tofino wharf when the ship came in. School children, Girl Guides and Scouts and a delegation from the local Legion branch took part in the event. Indians performed their traditional dances against a back-drop of native designs painted on canvas. Japanese girls in colourful kimonos added their contribution and the Japanese fishermen presented the Governor-General with a sturgeon iced down in a long-shaped box. It was probably an accidental catch, not typical of the area, but apparently considered to be a "royal fish" appropriate to the rank of the recipient."

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