Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cougar Questions?

If you live on the west coast, no doubt you have a few questions about cougars. Why have there been so many incidents lately? Are there more cougars? Are they stressed in some way? You can learn more about what is locally known at a talk tomorrow evening. (Details at the end of this post.)

Please take advantage of this opportunity. I've found it interesting — and somewhat distressing — to see how many "instant experts" have emerged of late, and how very strident opinions their opinions can be without a depth of background. Emotions are fine, but we need to temper them with decent information. Here's a chance to learn more.

Understanding Recent Cougar Events: An evening with Bob Hansen from Parks Canada.

Thursday October 6th, 2011
7:30 - 8:30 pm
Tofino Ecolodge at the Tofino Botanical Gardens (the talk will be held upstairs in the classroom)
1084 Pacific Rim Highway (please call us if you need directions - 250 725-2560)

This has been a remarkable year for interactions with cougars. The attack on a child, several other incidents resulting in cougar destructions, and on-going warnings about cougars in the area. These events have raised concerns around human safety and about the stress and toll on cougars. Currently there is evidence of three cougars in the Pacific Rim area. One in the Millstream/Port Albion area, one in the Long Beach area, and another in Tofino. Bob Hansen, wildlife expert, reports that some of the most frequently asked questions about cougars are:

- How is the decision reached to destroy a cougar?
- What happened in the recent incidents?
- Why is Swim Beach closed?
- What might be behind these events?
- What should I do to reduce the chance of running into a cougar?
- If I do see a cougar, how should I react?

Bob will attempt to answer these questions and provide as much information and clarity as possible for those interested in understanding recent cougar activity. Please join us for a much anticipated and very important community event.

This event is sponsored by the Raincoast Education Society.

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