Monday, November 21, 2011

Tofino Legion Drive

In many ways the Tofino Legion is our de facto community hall. Apparently that status is in jeopardy and there is a membership drive this evening. Here are the details:

"Hi everyone, please get involved in this. The liquour control board is trying to shut down the legion as our gathering location for live shows in Tofino. If we all get involved and become members of the legion then there is nothing they can do.

If we dont succeed in doing this then the legion will be closed as a venue. We have all had amazing nights there and seen amazing bands. We will have special privileges for members such as ticket hold backs on sold out shows for members only.

The legion is an integral part of our community and it would be sad for us to lose it for such events. The legion has also been there for us in our times of need to pay tribute to those in our community that we have lost. Get involved, tell your friends. Please like this, repost this, or whatever you can to help spread the word."

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