Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tofino Hearts Yoga

For the size of the town, I suspect that Tofino has a higher than average number of yogis per capita. There are over a dozen (likely many more) yoga teachers and classes at our lovely studio and other venues are always fairly popular. (Still intimate though, especially if you are used to large classes in the city. "Large" here is about 20.) There are workshops and teacher's training, many of which are offered by Natalie at Pacific Elements Yoga. (Saying Natalie is passionate about yoga and weaving it into all aspects of her (and our) lives, is an understatement. Get to one or ten of her classes if you can.) But Natalie is not the only one bringing Tofino to the west coast. You can meet many other teachers — April, Nicole, Robert, Mariah, Tracey, and more — at the Coastal Bliss studio, while Dede is doing a fabulous job bringing yoga to moms and babes, tots, kids, youth, seniors and more (check the recreation departments from Tofino and Ucluelet), and Eoin often offers classes and courses when he's here, and then there are Flickerine and friends down in Ucluelet, and Milagro Retreats, and, well, more. Lots of teachers, lots of classes, lots of options. No excuse not to try.

Every month it seems, there is a workshop, special guest teacher, or new class to try. Not bad for a town of about 1500 people. In a couple of weeks — Feb. 17 to 19th — there is a homegrown yoga festival. No need to go to the city to get your fix. Here are the details. If you're new to town, or new to yoga, it's a great chance to see the variety of teachers and classes we are lucky to have on the west coast.

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