Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pressing West Coast Problems (circa 1986)

I've been trolling through boxes of old newspapers, finding lots of gems that I'll share from time to time. This is from Expo Year - 1986 - from a short-lived newspaper called The West Coast Journal. It's a column called Street Talking and the question was "What is the most pressing West Coast problem today?" Thought you might like to see the answers (and how some "problems" never change):

What is the most pressing West Coast problem today?

RD: "The transition from one primary industry to another. Fishing and logging to the new primary industry of tourism is very difficult — if it is even possible."

VH: "Economic Development: new projects to create employment and attract new residents to the area; and to work towards sustaining our tourist season."

AM: "Unemployment, education and medical. It seems all money is going towards Expo, and whatever happened to the best universities we used to have."

NR: "There are so many concerns: probable job loss in the forest industry, cutbacks in funding for our local hatchery, lack of commitment and involvement in all of these issues. If people were to become committed on just one issue—they would be contributing a lot."

PV: "Too much rain. There's also not enough work, unless you create your own, or unless you want to get wet."

RF: "As far as I'm concerned, we need to get a permanent resolution on the conflict which exists between resource utilization, Clayoquot Sound in particular. Now we have a temporary solution to the Meares Island situation, but we are not very encouraged at what we hear about (similar) situation in South Moresby."

JB: My answer is that question is a problem. It's like a three-side question. As far as sustaining communities in what west coasters want; what local government priorities are set at, and what the federal and provincial government have designed for the west coast."

KA: "We've got a lot of problems. Our town council is trying to prevent vending services at the junction — which help bring people to Ukee. THere are problems with fishing — costs are going up, but prices are down. Thievery — there's too much of it on the coast."

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