Monday, May 28, 2012

Debunking Tofino's Volcano

The tourist season is upon us, so let's just nip this bit of misinformation in the bud: Lone Cone, on Meares Island, is not a volcano. It was serendipitous that I was thinking about this. Yesterday I came into a treasure trove of west coast history books. Most of them I had, but there were some gems I was delighted to add to my library. In the box was Lone Cone by Dorothy Abraham, which I already have, but am always happy to see and be reminded of. Some lucky friend or family member will get this copy.
Lone Cone is a memoir of Dorothy Abraham, a World War One war bride who found herself in the Tofino area (her husband homesteaded on Vargas Island).
It may have been Dorothy who actually started (or at least put the "fact" in print) that Lone Cone was an extinct volcano. On page 17 she refers to Lone Cone, "an extinct volcano." So, sorry, Dorothy and others who want to believe. Lone Cone is not a volcano, extinct or otherwise. Geologist and writer, Jackie Windh, debunked this years ago in an article in the local paper, The Sound. Then, just yesterday after I was going through the box of books and did a little Google search, I found this article.

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