Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Repatriating Historic Hera Gold

No doubt you know that this coastline is often referred to as The Graveyard of the Pacific. Hundreds of shipwrecks litter the waters just offshore. In most cases, the "first responders" to these wrecks were local people who rescued, sheltered and returned the survivors to Victoria. At times, they were honoured for their part in these rescues with medals like this one:
The inscription reads: To Nigel L. Campbell in recognition of his heroic services in effecting the rescue of five men from the wreck of the American schooner "Hera," November 27, 1899. This medal is now in the hands of a dealer in the UK and Tofino's Tonquin Foundation is trying to repatriate the medal, which is estimated to cost about $2000. Here is more on the story and you can read a bit more on the Hera here. It would be great to see this important artifact back in the region. Please consider a donation, large or small, to the Tonquin Foundation.

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