Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Story of a House

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but today discussion on Tapestry, about homes, got me down to the scanner with a mitt full of photos. Here is the story of our house, from Long Beach to Tofino.

This is where our house began its life. It was part of Abbott's Store - a store and several out buildings - at Long Beach, near today's Kwisitis (formerly Wickaninnish) Centre. I assume it was built here, but perhaps it was moved here? Not sure. This photo comes from Pacific Rim National Park's building inventory. When the national park came in, buildings were moved or razed. This building was moved to Tofino. (Notice the leaded glass windows, which we saved and moved. The main one visible here is now on the front of our house. Perhaps not the wisest move [have you ever tried to clean leaded glass?] especially as they are single-paned, but they look pretty.)

Look at our little house, sitting amidst the stumps and trees. Apparently it was a wetland (which is very apparent when it rains here; our backyard becomes a lake). Apparently there were salmon in what is now our backyard. 

Up in the air you go, little house. Whitey Bernard owned the house then. He got a big-ass crane and lifted it up. Then he built a second floor below this first little part and also added the back. 

And this is how the house looked when we bought it back in 1990. It was essentially a two-storey "L" with a large deck and carport filling in the space to make a box. 

About 6 years later, thanks to Pattison Architecture (and the bank), we did a huge renovation and the house looks like this. (This was about 6 months after the renovation was "completed." I think we finally finished the interior last year and still have to tile the backsplash.) 

It was nice to say goodbye to teeny tiny tubs, shag carpets, glittery wallpaper, ... but it's very cool to know we can tell some of the story of our house and that a few pieces still remain. (See that leaded glass window?)