Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Tofino Postcard Project


I'm reorganized, refreshed and ready to get back to this blog, celebrating the creative community and other great things about Tofino. I've been wanting to post about the Postcard Project, the brainchild of Marion Syme and her friend (and honourary Tofitian) Petra Mueller for several months now. These two artists hung out for a bit this summer and as they travelled to the XOXO Festival in Portland (without me; sniff), they created five original postcards based on imaginary colours submitted by, well, whoever wanted to submit a colour. Here are the results for the randomly-drawn colours: Fogust, Russula Rosacea Red, Procrastination Blue, Winkle White and Violet Velella.

Russula Rosacea Red
I'm hoping they'll find the time to create cards based on a few more colours (ripe banana slug?; an inspired colour, IMHO) and also will bring Super Studio classes to Tofino in 2014.

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